DST4L 2016 Toolbox

In this website we have collected the slides, recordings, tools and installation guides introduced during DST4L 2016. We believe that this material is useful not only for those who were lucky enough to attend the workshop but also for anyone else, who needs to know about data science training for librarians. The material is organised according to the schedule for the three days workshop.

We hope you enjoy the material, and please feel free to share with others!

Day one - Wednesday December 7th, 2016

1. The Data Savvy Librarian by Christopher Erdmann

Two use cases by 2 Data Scientists - with examples of how they work with data in their research, dealing with several aspects of visualising, accessing and handling data.

2. The importance of open heritage data by Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

3. “A data-driven, interactive and visual exploration of networked knowledge landscapes” by Pedro Parraguez Ruiz

Workshop and hands-on

4. Grappling with data by James Baker and Thomas Padilla

Tools to install and registration:

Part 1 of the session runs as shell lessons for librarians and will start with:

What is the shell and command line and why should I use it? http://data-lessons.github.io/library-shell/01-intro-shell/ (45 minutes)

Manipulating, counting and mining with the shell: How do you find data within files and how do you count and mine data? http://data-lessons.github.io/library-shell/02-counting-mining/ (45 minutes)

*Part 2 of the session workshop attendees need to install all the dependencies listed at the following page:

Windows users do not install Brew or Port. Windows users must install this version of Wget:

working from a Windows computer - try use this file for 32 bit systems https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/current/wget.exe or for 64 bit systems https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/current/wget64.exe

Finally, all participants will need to install Open Refine/Google Refine 2.5:

Day two - Thursday December 8th, 2016

Workshop with introduction to Git/GitHUB, and lots of training by Praqma trainers

5. Github a a collaboration tool by Jan Krag and Thierry LaCour

Tools to install and registration:

6. A day in a Librarian´s life - as code by Co-Founder of Praqma, Lars Kruse

Day three - Friday December 9th, 2016

7. Thinking critically about digital data collection: Twitter and beyond by Rebekah K. Tromble

8. Introduction to Tableau - hands on workshop by Stavris Solo

9. Final keynote about Libraries as Information Intermediaries by Steven Adler

Bonus information from the April event with Python for beginners can be viewed from the Trainers Github site or here

Supplementary inspiration: