Directions/Practical Information

DST4L - Practical information

This guide will provide you with information about how to get to DST4L in Copenhagen, from 7th to 9th of December 2016.

  • How to get around in general
  • How to get to Copenhagen from the Airport
  • How to get to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
  • Accommodation
  • Programme

How to get around in general

There are two ways to transport yourself around in Copenhagen. By public transport or by bicycle.

  • Travel planners
  • Public transport in Copenhagen consists of

    • Metro - two lines M1 and M2
      • most important is line M2 which connects to the airport
      • The metro operates 24/7
      • Btw. if you see a construction site in the city of Copenhagen it is probably related to the undergoing expansion of the Metro in Copenhagen.
    • S-tog (City train)
      • S-tog connects most of greater Copenhagen with train lines
      • Most important lines are Line A and Line E that connect the Central Station (Hovedbanegården) and Nørreport Station with Lyngby Station (where DTU is located)
    • Busses
      • Copenhagen is connected with a vast network of Busses
      • Most important bus lines are 150S and 173E that brings you from the main hub Nørreport to DTU.
  • Information about tickets and prices for public transportation
  • Bicycles – if you want to transport yourself like the Danes you should travel by bicycle.

How to get to Copenhagen from the Airport

Copenhagen airport is well connected with bus, train and metro lines going to the city. On the Copenhagen Airport website you find more information: If you are going straight to DTU from the Airport catch the M2 to Nørreport and catch 150S or 173E from there to Rævehøjvej/DTU. Check the details here: . It takes approx. 54 minutes.

How to get to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and DTU Library

DST4L is located in the main library building at DTU. See the map for location To get to DTU catch the 150S or 173E from there to Rævehøj/DTU and follow the crowd on foot towards DTU. Read more details here:


The Technical University of Denmark is situated just 15 km North of the city of Copenhagen. Most people will prefer to stay in the city and travel to DTU Campus in Lyngby everyday and stay in the city in the evenings. Hotels in Copenhagen can be found using,, and similar services. Cheap options are available at one of the recommended Hostels in the city like more info hostels here

If you still prefer to stay in Lyngby – your best alternative is Bed and Breakfast like Airbnb


The always up-to-date programme can be found here: Please note that the workshop starts everyday at 9.00 am sharp. Participants are expected to be present through the entire workshop days. The DST4L ends on the 9th of December at 17.00.